System for Whistleblowers - Reporting Irregularities

The application is used by over 2500 companies, including the European Commission.

EQS Integrity Line is an advanced application that enables organizations to effectively manage information related to unethical or non-compliant conduct within the company. This application has been created to provide a secure and confidential platform for reporting incidents, complaints, abuses, and other actions that are inconsistent with the ethics and principles of the organization.

Why Choose EQS Integrity Line?

  • References: EQS Integrity Line has been present in the European market for over 20 years. The application is utilized by over 2500 firms, including the European Commission itself.
  • Security and Confidentiality: EQS Integrity Line ensures users complete security and confidentiality. Each report is treated as confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
  • Multichannel Platform: The application allows for the reporting of incidents and complaints through various channels, such as the mobile app, website, email, or phone. This enables employees and other stakeholders to access the tool anytime, anywhere.
  • 24/7 Availability: EQS Integrity Line is available 24/7, allowing for real-time response to incidents and complaints.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The application is designed for ease of use. Its intuitive interface allows for quick reporting of incidents and complaints, even for those not technologically advanced.
  • Monitoring and Management of Reports: EQS Integrity Line enables organizations to effectively monitor reports and their status. The ability to assign reports to the appropriate personnel and track the progress of actions ensures an efficient response process.
  • Reporting and Data Analysis: The application generates detailed reports and analyses of reports, allowing organizations to understand trends and patterns related to unethical behavior and take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Integration with Other Systems: EQS Integrity Line can be integrated with other systems such as risk management and human resources systems, facilitating comprehensive and cohesive management of incident-related information.
  • Training and Support: Organizations using EQS Integrity Line can benefit from available training and technical support to fully leverage the potential of the application.
  • Compliance with Regulations: The application complies with regulations regarding incident reporting, including the European Union Directive on the protection of persons reporting breaches, the Polish law implementing EU provisions, and GDPR standards, enabling organizations to meet the requirements of applicable laws.
  • Ethical Culture: EQS Integrity Line supports an ethical culture within the organization, encouraging employees to report unethical behavior and making the company more transparent and responsible.
Integrity Line - whistleblowing

Simple and safe solution

While waiting for national legislation, all companies can already prepare themselves to ensure proper protection of whistleblowers by implementing a dedicated IT solution - EQS Integrity Line - a secure whistleblowing system in Poland and the EU.

The system guarantees the anonymity of whistleblowers and ensures that their identity cannot be traced by technical means. EQS Integrity Line is hosted on external high-security servers with ISO 27001 certification. These servers do not store IP addresses, location data, device specifications or other data that could allow conclusions about the whistleblower's identity.

The whistleblower can choose whether to remain anonymous or provide any personal information. In all cases, the content of the report is sent highly encrypted using a public-private key procedure (PGP) with 2048 RSA bits. In addition, all communication with the server is done over a secure HTTPS connection.

Guarantee of security

EQS Integrity Line meets the highest standards of IT security and personal data protection, confirmed by certificates obtained in this field.

Integrity Line certyfikaty

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