Operational planning and logistics

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Operational planning and logistics

To achieve this, you can utilize appropriately parameterized analytical solutions or dedicated platforms such as:

Or consider our proprietary solutions tailored to these areas:

Feel free to reach out to our support team specializing in operational planning and logistics.

Are you wondering whether the supply chain in your organization operates efficiently, ensuring that all products are planned, produced, and delivered on time and in the right quantity? Synchronize supply with demand, eliminate excess inventory, and increase profits through optimized product sales volumes.

A streamlined business planning process involves transforming information from various areas (operations, sales, marketing, and trading partners) into a common set of planning data and indicators. However, a good plan is not everything; the key lies in the speed of predicting and adapting to new business events.

Your long-term business success often depends on trends and events beyond your control. Even if you can’t control all events, you can predict their impact on processes and leverage emerging trends through appropriate tools.
Our approach to operational planning, sales, and logistics is rooted in analytical and forecasting systems. The first step in managing the future always involves historical data and an assessment of the current situation, followed by forecasting the future.
With proper parameterization and dedicated algorithms supported by artificial intelligence modules, a well-chosen system can translate many variables and critical paths into detailed guidelines for demand and supply plans, among others.

Key Support Areas:

Create, manage, collaborate, and coordinate plans throughout the entire supply chain - from demand planning to supply-side responsiveness, from detailed operational planning to strategic business planning. Reduce operational variability. Quickly identify new opportunities and risks.

Examples of our Clients

Operating in the market since 1985, Cogit has completed projects for over 700 clients in Europe, including many organizations in Poland. Our clients span across various industries and sectors of the economy.

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