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Key performance indicators (KPIs) monitoring allows you to react faster to events, make accurate decision. Dashboards provide users with information filtered and personalised according to their function or role (with security rules). Depending on their needs and role, they allow to measure, analyse and evaluate the performance of business units, departments or employees. A well-defined system of metrics supports the organisation in achieving long-term goals. Developing a set of key indicators allows you to quickly respond to unfavourable trends in the environment and within the organisation.

Value Based Design – best practices in dashboard design

A robust, interactive user interface makes data presentation intuitive, relevant and easy to interpret. In addition, alerts and advanced guided navigation allow users to better understand the information and take appropriate action. As a result, report recipients are always guided towards accurate and effective business decisions that significantly improve the performance of the company or institution.

Infor d/EPM dashboard

Example dashboard – Infor d/EPM

Power BI - Dashboard

Example dashboard – Microsoft Power BI

Infor Birst BI dashboard

Example dashboard – Infor Birst BI

Oracle Business Intelligence 12c

Example dashboard – Oracle BI

Cogit has been supporting its customers in the field of consulting and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for over 25 years.  We have knowledge, practice and references in this area, which allows us to select and implement the best-in-class BI solutions of leading vendors.

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