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As the only provider of Performance Management solutions on the Polish market, we offer a new type of service related to the maintenance and development of purchased IT systems.

In the conditions of a dynamically changing situation on the market, requiring fast reaction and adjustment of the organisation to changes, the issue of current software adaptation becomes a significant challenge.

Updates and ongoing maintenance of the software itself are often not sufficient, which is why we offer a service to manage the application and its development from the business perspective.

Key benefits:

  • supervision by Cogit experts of the development of the application and its adaptation to the company’s current business needs,
  • ongoing implementation of changes to the application, building new or extending existing reports, etc,
  • quick access to Cogit consultants,
  • cost optimisation – more favourable price conditions than in the case of separate orders for changes to the application.

The scope and conditions of the service are agreed individually.