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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a fully scalable cloud computing platform. It allows applications to be developed and managed through a network of Microsoft data centres located around the world. Azure supports the use of multiple programming languages, tools and frameworks.

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Azure is an extremely flexible platform, below are some of the key components:

  • AI + Machine Learning – Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Machine learning allows you to use predictive analytics or interact with data using human speech
  • Analytics – When it comes to data analytics, Azure offers a huge range of flexibility. When choosing Microsoft’s cloud platform, among other things, we can take advantage of data warehousing, we can easily integrate data on an enterprise-wide scale or take advantage of so-called Data Lakes. On top of all this, we can overlay fully interactive Microsoft Power BI, which presents data in the form of effective and useful visualisations
  • Computing power – Microsoft gives Azure users the ability to use virtual machines with Windows or Linux operating systems or pre-configured machine images for popular software packages
  • Databases – The ability to take advantage of Azure SQL relational databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL or flexible data warehousing are just a few of Azure’s differentiators for managing data in an organisation
  • Developer tools – Microsoft is putting into the hands of developers a powerful yet flexible environment for working on applications in the cloud – Visual Studio. Also part of the package is a lightweight code editor, Visual Studio Code
  • DevOps  – Azure DevOps service, allows teams to share code or track progress. DevOps also includes dedicated Git repositories from Microsoft available in the cloud
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – Azure is a platform designed for the internet of tomorrow, so it allows full integration with IoT services. Connect, track and manage trillions of devices from one place
  • Corporate governance/policy with Azure – Automated data protection, Azure Monitor, allowing real-time monitoring of all Azure services, or a built-in back-up/recovery service allow developers to rest easy
  • Media – Azure allows us to support storage and streaming of audio or video even when our application is used by millions of people
  • Mobile – Microsoft Azure enables cloud applications for desktop or mobile devices
  • Network – Azure allows us to use the CDN service. We can also host domain DNS records or use the Firewall service.
  • Virtual storage within Azure – Azure offers a fully scalable virtual drive on which developers will create applications or store data, while being able to take advantage of REST or SDK technologies

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