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Digital transformation with Cogit

Do you sense that modern (IT) technologies are not being used to their full potential in your company? Both in terms of people, who are afraid of change, as well as equipment or technology? Are subsequent investments in this area not yielding the expected results?

The system was supposed to work quickly, almost solving problems on its own, and is functioning similarly to the one used previously, except that it has a few additional, basically moderately useful functionalities? Perhaps you have software or other IT resources that do not meet your needs?

Or are you afraid of new technology and would prefer to keep things the same old way?

We must disappoint you, unfortunately it will not stay.

In today’s digital world, everything is changing extremely fast, including IT. It is the companies that are quickest to adapt to change that gain a market advantage that is difficult to make up in other fields. In the current, extremely difficult market conditions, even a small improvement can contribute real business value.

Faster processes, more accurate decisions, automation of certain tasks and, consequently, higher profits are not only due to people, the appropriate processes they build and implement in the organisation, but also efficient systems, databases, their availability, appropriate software and various other factors directly related to IT.

Because today IT is an essential part of almost every business. Without IT, business is practically non-existent.

For example, one often hears of situations where multiple applications are used by the financial, accounting departments of a company. Sometimes this is necessary, but sometimes the situation generates losses for the company. Employees waste a lot of valuable time switching between applications, and all of them have to be maintained and supported by IT. What if all the necessary functionalities were contained within a single application? And what if, in addition, you thought about the cloud (Cloud Services) and virtually eliminated the costly investment in hardware and application maintenance, focusing instead on the business?

To summarise:

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