Master Data Management



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Master Data Management

Master Data Management is the foundation of data quality management initiatives. In a nutshell, MDM can be seen as the backbone that binds all processes of data creation and usege in all IT systems – from its creation to its final consumption in management systems. It is important not to clasify it as just another IT solution. MDM is about defining processes and responsibilities in relation to data, affecting the understanding of the whole business as reflected in IT systems.

The issue of data quality cannot be solved without the involvement of business users. This is mainly due to the fact that IT is aware of how the process of maintaining data quality should look like, and the business knows how to manage the data that is necessary for effective operation.

A good practice to implement Master Data Management is the evolutionary method of incremental changes based on current experience (Analytical MDM), and use the results and observations from the use of Analytical MDM as a basis for the implementation of operational MDM – the target model.

Analytical MDM

In many organisations, data quality is not an entirely new issue, particularly in the context of projects that integrate data from multiple sources, namely Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence.

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Operational MDM

The results and observations from the analytical MDM should serve as a basis for the implementation of the operational MDM. In the operational edition, the MDM already has a much more active role.

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