IBM Cognos Analytics

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Business reports on a single portal, dashboards for the sales team and business owners. IBM Cognos Analytics is suggested for companies that rely on fast access to data, detailed analysis and predictions.

Mobile reports provide a clear picture of the business. Our clients use multiple sources of data and the visualisations in Cognos Analytics make it possible to predict trends.

Our experts make the Cognos portal tell the story of the state of the business. We send the visualisation along with KPIs to email, Slack or phone.

On-premise or cloud installation – any solution you choose, tailored to your needs and capabilities. We pull data for analysis from any source: SQL databases, Google, Amazon and others. We teach clients how to build reports themselves by dragging and dropping blocks onto a sheet (drag-and-drop). Watson (artificial intelligence) answers questions about trends and managers receive reports according to a schedule in PDF.

We share the experience of organising access to consistent data and help visualise the numbers. Cognos Analytics is a platform that is being developed with handy uses for charts and mobile devices.

In addition to corporate solutions, we also offer versions for up to 50 or 100 users – adapted to the new reality.

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