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With forecasting applications, forecasts can be generated directly in the model, based on any data. Users can quickly and easily designate any subset of the multidimensional model as the basis for forecasting and the period for which the forecast is to be generated.

Examples of capabilities of the offered solutions:

  • performing data analysis,
  • selection of a forecasting method,
  • automatic detection of seasonality,
  • removing anomalies,
  • correcting dynamic trends of new or mature products (based on their life cycle).

The solutions allow you to generate forecasts or initial budgets at the most retail level (e.g. month, cost center, account) with only general assumptions (e.g. reduction of annual administration costs). As a result, the use of the module saves work and time necessary to create forecasts, simulations and budgets versions. The data thus obtained is consistent and accurate.

Infor business intelligence BI - prognozowanie

Infor BI – Sample forecast screen

prognozowanie w Infor Birst

Infor Birst – Sample forecast screen

IBM Planning Analytics – Sample forecast screen

For over 25 years Cogit has been supporting its customers in consulting and implementation of Controlling solutions. We have knowledge, practice and references in this area, allowing us to select and implement solutions of leading IT vendors.

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