National e-Invoicing System (KSeF)



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National e-Invoicing System (KSeF)

Taxilla – a leading global FinTech & RegTech platform – is a solution for e-invoicing, electronic bills, VAT/GST, and all other regulatory requirements in this area. It is a flexible and user-friendly e-invoicing solution fully compliant with the KSeF (National e-Invoicing System) requirements. The solution is based on the SaaS model and is independent of the ERP system in use (i.e., it can be used by clients using solutions from global providers such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, as well as local ERP solutions) – it integrates with any ERP system through API/FTP/SFTP, along with the option to send data in Excel format if required.

With Taxilla, you can seamlessly connect to the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) regardless of your existing system

Preparing Data in Compliance with KSeF

  • Inputting data from one or multiple sources
  • Aggregating and segregating data from each department/organizational unit
  • Converting/transferring order data to e-invoice
  • Validating e-invoice data

Communication Channel with KSeF

  • Sending single/batch e-invoice data to KSeF through secure API interfaces with authentication
  • Automated services for retrieving e-invoice status
  • Immediate updates to the source system notifications about success/failure from KSeF

Partner-Friendly Distribution Channel

  • Sending e-invoices to the buyer through API, s-FTP, email, or a web portal.
  • Customized invoice format in accordance with legal guidelines

Advanced Technologies

  • Generating Hash and sequencing Hash
  • Cryptographic seal
  • Invoice archiving

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