Cogit Systems

Cogit offers a wide range of pre-built products for planning and forecasting sales and operations:

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Benefit from the experience of our experts and the top-notch, world-class information systems for analytics, planning and reporting that we use to build our applications.

28 years on the Polish market and 38 years worldwide, our consultants advise and implement systems that support hundreds of companies and many thousands of users in making sound business decisions. We create innovative solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. All this on the basis of the technology of our Partners leaders among Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence systems (Infor, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle).

Our business expertise and strong relationships with Partners have enabled us to create systems that combine the best aspects of technology platforms with our innovative concepts and business models. With our defined models, they are ready to use practically out of the box.

The combination of business and technological expertise, allows us to provide comprehensive logistics solutions that revolutionize supply chain management. Our tools enable planning and forecasting of logistics, production and sales processes integrating planning processes across the company.

We help our customers increase efficiency, optimize costs and minimize risk. Gain more control over your company’s operations!