Human Resources Management (HR)

Optimal support for HR through innovative cloud solutions dedicated to human capital management.

Infor Human Capital Management is a set of cloud-based human capital management tools that can significantly streamline processes in your company.  This intuitive, yet advanced solution supports complex processes or daily tasks faced by people involved in human resources management. It’s a tool that allows HR professionals to run simple and transparent HR processes, delivering value to the entire organisation.

New opportunities for your business

  • Benefit from a comprehensive solution. Experience a cloud-based, fully integrated solution that delivers a positive user experience;
  • Create a global connection between people. Use a secure, shared source of global HR information;
  • Use the HCM resource record. Create a single record for all HCM business processes without any interfaces required to synchronise data.

 Example screens of Infor HCM

Infor CloudSuite HCM

Find out why Infor CloudSuite HCM is the most complete and comprehensive cloud solution for human capital management. This customisable, fully integrated solution includes a common, engaging user interface and talent optimisation capabilities, enhanced core HR functions and digital human capital management functionality. CloudSuite HCM’s unique predictive and behavioural tools provide analytical insight into core HR and talent management processes to make more informed decisions at maximum speed. Infor CloudSuite HCM is easy to purchase, implement, use and maintain. This specialised, complete HR Cloud technology is delivered as a single solution, within a single platform from a single vendor.

Infor CloudSuite HCM is a functional set of human capital management solutions that replace complex processes, workflows, and systems with complex, yet intuitive technology so HR can implement simple and transparent HR processes.

Global HR Service

  • All your data in one place;
  • A secure and reliable source of data that helps you make good decisions fast;
  • Connects to all Infor People systems-share and use a wealth of data;
  • Information about your organization and people is available in real time so you can react and adapt quickly to new business challenges;
  • Specialised HR functions: job budgets, occupational health, employee safety, employee relations, or change management;
  • State-of-the-art mobile cloud solution using Infor OS and Infor Landmark technologies.


  • Design a simplified billing cycle and provide payroll administrators with the ability to run and monitor all processes from one place;
  • Ability to configure payment codes or deductions in the payroll cycle in one place – instead of using multiple forms;
  • Payroll admin dashboard allows full control over the process and provides information on irregularities;
  • Allow administrators to block payroll edits during the pay period;
  • Tight integration between Infor Global Human Resources Payroll and Infor Financials & Supply Management.

Employee Benefits

  • A wide range of employee benefits complemented by comprehensive absence, benefit and compensation solutions;
  • Improved operational efficiency through access to complex benefit schemes, process automation and reduced administrative costs;
  • Regulatory compliance and the ability to accommodate specific employee benefit regulations;
  • Quick access to goals, performance and results;
  • Mobile cloud solution powered by Infor OS and Infor Landmark technologies.

Case management

  • Guarantee of assigning individual cases to the right employees;
  • Advanced reporting and analytics – monitoring time to close, cases in progress, processes completed etc.;
  • Surveys as a way to collect feedback from employees after case closure;
  • Support for service level agreements (SLA) with guaranteed timely resolution of cases;
  • Task queuing for agents and managers ensures that cases are monitored and responded to appropriately.

And many other options!

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