Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

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Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) is the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution from Oracle. It enables fast and accurate execution of financial consolidation and reporting processes. FCCS enables the generation of key financial statement elements such as cash flow, balance sheet, income statement and profit and loss account in a fully automated manner. Thanks to the implemented functionality, all activities carried out with Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud are subject to a detailed audit, with managers following the progress in real time.

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud allows reports to be created in multiple accounting standards (Polish standards, IFRS, GAAP and others) and currencies. It allows you to make eliminations and other adjustments. Moreover, the system connects to any ERP or EPM system used in the organisation. It is also fully integrated with Oracle Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Performance Reporting or Microsoft Office programmes. Furthermore, FCCS is a cloud-based solution, which makes its implementation incomparably less time-consuming than on-premise solutions requiring dedicated hardware, operating systems, databases or other technologies.

Through the use of business roles and multiple levels of data access, Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud enables the level of information security to be tailored to customer requirements. Financial data is available in real time. An additional strength of the software is its attractive presentation layer – an example dashboard is presented below.

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud - dashboard

Example screenshot – Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud 

However, that is not all. The application can be configured to meet most of an organisation’s needs. For more information, visit our partner’s website – Oracle.

See what the Oracle EPM Cloud platform enables in the area of financial consolidation and beyond.

HFM and FCCS – short comparison (pl)