Self-service BI



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Self-service BI

The concept behind Self-service Business Intelligence solutions is to provide business users with access to and the ability to work with information without involving the IT department. Self-service BI is an approach beneficial for both business users and IT – business can create personalized reports and perform analyses, which relieves IT and enables it to focus on other activities.

The main assumption for this type of solution is to provide a clear, understandable (adapted to IT skills of business users) interface that is easy to use. The role of IT is limited only, for example, to the area of data warehousing, development of data dictionaries for business users, etc. In addition to the obvious advantages of this type of approach, engaging in decision-making based on information and not a hunch, there is also a risk of introducing clutter, inconsistency into the reporting system (different measures, names, etc.). Therefore the approach to this type of issues should be strongly business oriented and some common rules, vocabularies, measures or reporting processes should be defined.

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We recommend the following Self-service BI solutions:


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