Infor Birst is data visualisation and analysis with state-of-the-art integration, cleaning, processing and data sharing.

Infor Birst is one of the leading BI tools that can be used in every area of a company’s operations. Infor Birst is available in both cloud and traditional (on-premise) models, in multiple language versions – including Polish.

Thanks to industry- and department-specific data models, you can easily combine data from multiple source systems and streamline your financial, sales, marketing reporting, or support your service and logistics departments. Your data will be available in one cohesive report, while retaining the ability to drill down and drill into the details.

Birst supports analytical teams by providing the ability to share data not only at the data presentation stage, but already at the analysis design stage.

A key element that sets Birst apart from other leading BI solutions is the dynamic data warehouse built into the solution. With this architecture, the system provides a holistic approach to the BI process, i.e. it acquires, integrates, processes, stores and visualises data (as opposed to just visualising it or having to create an additional Data Warehouse).

Infor Birst is designed around the concept of Networked BI – a breakthrough approach that connects every element of your business making new analytical capabilities available, to every person in the organisation, at a level not previously available. It eliminates the siloed approach to BI, while providing full self-service BI functionality and building analytical capabilities across the organisation.

Birst also allows you to create cutting-edge analytics products at lightning speed. It can be used as part of your proprietary solution in the visualisation layer (embedded BI).

Dashboard design process – from data load, …, to ready dashboard. (pl)

Microsoft Power BI vs Birst – expert discussion – systems comparision (pl)

What is it like to work with Birst?

Depending on the needs of the organisation, Birst can serve as a self-service BI tool (fast, flexible analysis) or corporate BI, where all control over data management is with IT.

While IT needs to have insight into data structures and metadata, control over the process (and it can have that too), the business user needs to focus on meeting their needs and the tool should help them do this, even if they are not IT proficient.

JSo what does the process of working with data look like for a business user?

First of all, you don’t need to install anything, pay for implementation, integrations, etc. all you need … is to have access to your own data (in any form possible).

Load data

Download/connect data from various sources using ready-made connectors (sql database, erp system, crm, excel,…). You can do this manually or automatically.

Prepare data

Transform, clean the data to the format you need. Use ready-made actions and build your own data cleaning process.

Link data

Combine all your data sources using the graphical wizard or use the system prompts.


Manage data sources, share data views with other users or departments for joint analysis.


Create any visualisation, dashboards, reports. Analyse data the way you prefer, drill down, …


Securely, share your work using interactive dashboards, reports, alerts, excel files, pdf files… on any device.

Birst is not only a data visualisation tool, it is first and foremost an excellent platform for connecting different data sources from excel files, sql databases, crm systems, erp, big data sources. It is also a platform that allows you to use different BI tools in your organisation, while keeping all your data consistent.

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