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Infor Integrated Business Planning

Reduce costs, quickly identify opportunities and risks, analyze different scenarios. Create a holistic process to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Infor Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a key element in managing risk and supporting profitable growth. The integrated business planning process requires bringing together the various areas of operations, sales, marketing and business partners into a cohesive whole. Using a common platform, a common repository of planning data and KPIs, Infor IBP streamlines the analysis of optimal options, improves the decision-making process and allows the organization, to flexibly adapt strategy and operations to changes in the enterprise environment.

Infor IBP is a comprehensive solution designed to provide analytical functions, actionable visualizations, collaboration and execution that help organizations across industries optimize their supply chains and maintain control over costs and services.

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Rapid Response to Market Changes and Supply Chain Disruptions

Optimize the process and meet the challenges of a dynamic supply chain with the Infor IBP system. Synchronizing supply and demand, improving delivery efficiency, and world-class technical support are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained by implementing this innovative integrated business planning application.

  • Meeting demand at the lowest possible costs.
  • Reducing inventory and related costs for services and sales losses.
  • Reducing transportation, overtime, and inventory holding costs.
  • Aligning production with demand.
  • Replacing Excel-based planning processes and achieving operational synchronization.
  • Achieving a common vision and collaboration among individuals involved in the process on a unified platform.
  • Time-pressured planning in response to emerging situations.
  • Dynamic support for new initiatives such as new products, suppliers,…
  • Predictive financial analysis and the ability to reconcile results.
  • Forecasting and modeling threats and scenarios to maintain operational continuity or sustain existing capabilities.
  • And much more…

Integrated Business Planning – The Entire Process in One System

Infor IBP integrates fundamental supply chain management (SCM) processes, such as sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning (DP), and supply planning (SP), into a comprehensive solution to provide better visibility and control throughout the global supply chain.

Sales and Operations Planning

  • Synchronize the gap between supply and demand.
  • Coordinate individuals and business units involved in operational activities.
  • Utilize scenarios to address issues related to throughput constraints, challenges associated with allocation, new products, or performance changes.

Demand Planning

  • Create and compare various statistical forecast models using customized visualizations and data analytics.
  • Utilize alert functionalities to ensure more flexible forecasting.
  • Forecast sales, finances, production, customers, and trade partners all in one place.

Supply Planning

  • Utilize “what-if” scenarios, compare the profitability of actions, and gain control over the entire value chain.
  • Leverage real-time insights into your operations to create models that account for different economic cycles and demand spikes.
  • Optimize key supply chain variables such as production capacities, materials, inventory, and distribution constraints.

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