HR Controlling



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HR Controlling

Controlling activities in the field of Human Resources is a very important element of the company’s functioning. It is human resources that are the basis of the company’s operations, they allow it to develop.

By HR controlling we mean:

  • exploring the relationship between personnel and business objectives, subordinating the first to the second as appropriate,
  • personnel process management,
  • payroll automation,
  • or HR cost planning and budgeting.

Payroll automation would not be possible without the use of an appropriate IT system to manage costs. For example, let us imagine a situation in which we manually assign or modify the salaries of a thousand employees, some of whom are additionally assigned additional work tools. For example, a salesperson receives a company car, a programmer a laptop and the relevant software. With a company size of more than 500 or 1,000 employees, it would simply not be possible to carry out the process effectively without a well-functioning IT system.

Workforce planning and budgeting system

HR controlling module of the Infor d/EPM – basic functionalities and selected operations (e.g.: budgeting of salaries, vacancies, promotions, benefits, creation of scenarios, reports…).

Workforce Management – product demo

The suitable HR system includes powerful logic, for example automatically calculating Social Security charges, other fixed costs for employees. It allows allocating them into departments, automating, for example, raises (for example, allocating an annual salary increase for a department). Importantly, through the use of such a system, it will also be possible to break down the employee’s costs into two projects, if he or she is involved in them. The IT system also makes it possible to decisively expand the analytical capacity within the company. This is because employees do not waste time on time-consuming data entry and verification, but focus on analysis.

Infor Birst BI - przykład analizy rekrutacji

Infor Birst BI – example of HR analysis.

Infor Controlling HR

Infor d/EPM HR module – example of a payroll panel.

Infor d/EPM -controlling HR

Example of a payroll report – Infor d/EPM 

Infor d/EPM -controlling HR

Example of workforce planning panel (Workforce Planning Module)

Another important point is the possibility of scenario analysis. The system allows certain assumptions to be entered into the plans and different versions of the budget to be analysed using these. Of course, the user has the possibility of preparing several or more plans and comparing them. The security of the system and the information transmitted through it is also very important. It is possible to assign roles to certain types of users, so that each employee has access only to the information he or she needs to perform his or her duties. This tidies up the process and increases security.