Gas emission management



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Gas emission management

In connection with the emission of substances into the air, entrepreneurs must consider a series of requirements and restrictions. It is not just about carbon dioxide emissions, as greenhouse gases (GHGs) include all components of the Earth’s atmosphere that, due to their physicochemical properties, have the ability to trap solar energy within the Earth’s atmosphere. The regulations regarding the management of greenhouse gas emissions in Poland are defined by the Act of July 17, 2009, on the management system for greenhouse gas emissions and other substances, supported by EU regulations.

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In practice, stringent regulations mean that entrepreneurs must:

  • include GHG emissions in environmental or climate policies and business strategies,
  • set reduction targets,
  • implement reduction projects,
  • engage partners in the value chain.

How does the emissions management system work?

The air emissions management system is used to track and calculate emissions for reporting purposes (in the scope of 1, 2, 3 GHG), it supports the establishment of decarbonization goals, and allows the examination of progress made in emission reduction. With real-time access to detailed data on greenhouse gas emissions, it is possible to determine where efforts should be focused on emission reduction, develop a carbon footprint reduction strategy, and track the impact of emission reduction projects.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

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Why choose the system:

Utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) eliminates communication based on the exchange of business documents in a standard format. Documentation is transmitted solely electronically while maintaining the highest standards.
A single record-keeping system that allows reporting selected data to all stakeholders.

Provide auditors with access to a robust system that includes all supporting data, documents, and audit trails.

Set your own goals for GHG emission reduction and track their implementation in real-time.

Proven tools, ready-made factor sets, and reliable algorithms ensure trustworthy calculations.

The system allows reporting in multiple countries, currencies, and metrics, as well as the ability to convert data into different formats.

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