Energy management



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Energy management

Energy management involves not only the obligation to comply with legal requirements arising, for example, from the Energy Efficiency Act, but also the achievement of goals related to increasing the efficient use of energy resources. This is essential for enhancing the competitive pricing of offered products and reducing energy consumption costs. Energy management encompasses analysis and controlling, as well as planning, organization, communication, and data management – processes that we support for our clients in a personalized manner based on the capabilities provided by the IBM Envizi Energy Management solution.

ESG and Sustainable Development – How Software Facilitates Environmental Reporting – Webinar Recording in Polish, on request available in English.

With our support, you will be able to better manage energy data through advanced analytical tools. This creates the possibility of supporting energy management throughout the entire organization. Advanced software modules support real-time monitoring, analysis, management, and reporting of energy demand – even in large and complex organizations. Data from utility bills, meters, and renewable sources are automatically recorded and integrated with other data sources, including weather and facility information. This results in a detailed database for use in applications.

Screen of the energy management system

Screenshot of the energy management system

Automated collection and processing of data involve specific utilities, weather conditions, energy consumption based on meters, and the utilization of solar energy. The unparalleled technology powering the energy management solutions package provides access to real-time energy data – all to make informed decisions about resource allocation and utilization.

Data collected and processed within the energy management system

Data collected and processed within the energy management system.

Why choose our system:

Monitor real-time energy, water, and gas consumption.
Reduce energy costs and avoid unnecessary fees through alerts about energy wastage.

Control energy consumption efficiency over time based on predefined benchmark tests or KPI indicators.

Allocate operational staff and contractors to specific tasks using data-driven analytical tools.

Make informed decisions about energy efficiency by prioritizing actions and investments based on comparative analysis and potential savings analysis.

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