Financial Consolidation



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Financial Consolidation

Reduce the time and cost to complete a close – make it easy to meet global reporting requirements like IFRS and GAAP.

We recommend Oracle Hyperion Financial Management / FCCF, Infor d/EPM or IBM Cognos Controller for financial consolidation.

Key Benefits:

  • Guide and monitor the close from start to finish.
  • Take advantage of best practice, out-of-the-box functionality for quick deployments, including dynamic calculations, with limited need for customization—cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, rollovers, call-to-actions, and more being automatically calculated
  • Leverage a strong compliance framework including auditing, segregation of duties, and transparent calculations.
  • Leverage multi-GAAP driven applications with full currency support, intercompany eliminations, equity eliminations, adjustments, and detailed data tracking.
  • Flexible Workflow and Process Management that provides enterprise level collaboration with dynamic, data-driven approval orchestration.
  • Ensure audit compliance for tasks like Journal Adjustment with enforced segregation of duties.
  • Deploy a fully secure cloud-based application with role and data access rights
  • Connect to virtually any source ERP applications such as Financials, as well as EPM applications such as Planning and Budgeting, and Enterprise Performance Reporting.
  • Provide tight Microsoft Office integration for offline analysis and reporting.
  • Integrate easily with Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud for narrative reporting process such as monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports.

Consolidation Specific Features:

  • Intercompany Eliminations – Includes default intercompany eliminations
  • Journals with workflow – Includes journal capabilities with configurable workflow
  • Currency Translation – Default currency translation uses PVA method for flow activities and VAL method for balance activities
  • Built in Foreign Exchange/Currency Translation Adjustment Calculations – Automatic calculation of foreign exchange on opening balance and movements for each balance sheet account along with automated currency translation adjustment calculation.
  • Automated Cash Flow Reporting –The movement dimension provides automated cash flow reporting through hierarchies and system calculations that require no further rules.
  • Multi-GAAP Reporting – Prebuilt functionality includes reporting for local GAAP and IFRS with the ability to add additional GAAPs for reporting.
  • Detailed Data Source Tracking – Using a dimension for tracking sources of data including data management, journals, intercompany eliminations and manual input.

Oracle examples
FC Cloud 1

FC Cloud 3

FC Cloud 4

Infor example:

FC Cloud 4

Selected Infor d/EPM functionality
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Selected IBM Cognos Controller functionality
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