Analytics (Infor BI)

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Analytics (Infor BI)

Business Intelligence Platform

An architecture dedicated to the full support of Business Intelligence processes allowing data centralisation, integration, with a rich data visualisation layer and flexible analytical functionalities, among others:

  • dashboards,
  • self-service BI,
  • real-time processing,
  • multidimensional in-memory data analysis,
  • modelling layer and ETL.

The platform has a fully integrated Excel interface, access via a browser (including mobile access) and a dedicated application – thus providing ideal opportunities to tailor the solution to the user’s needs and preferences.

Business analytics

The solution has ready-to-use analytical models tailored to the company’s business areas:

  • sales and operations,
  • production,
  • finance,
  • supply chain,
  • human capital.

Example of the design of a dashboard with a view of the sales actuals (PL version, sent us request for English version)

Sector analytics

The solution’s great value also lies in its ready-to-use analytical models dedicated to the needs of most sectors: asset management, automotive, aerospace and defence, equipment and device operation, fashion, food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, public sector,…