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Who we are

Cogit effectively supports management processes, including: planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis and financial consolidation.

We assist all departments in the organization, from controlling and finance to sales, logistics and operations. In our work we combine the knowledge and experience of business and IT experts. Our clients are mainly large and medium-sized companies from all industries. We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with leaders in banking, commerce, services, manufacturing, media and other industries. Based on the individual needs of each client, we advise and implement systems best suited to the requirements and expectations of our partners – global software leaders.

A particularly important value of Cogit is our team. We are proud of our qualified and experienced team of consultants and their extensive knowledge of IT, strategy and finance. The competence of Cogit’ s staff is documented by our clients’ testimonials, successfully completed implementations, and business successes achieved by companies using our solutions.

Our team has knowledge and experience gained during implementations carried out for many companies in Poland and Europe. By applying to Cogit, you have the chance to join a group of specialists and see what it is like to work in a dynamic and professional environment and learn from the best.

Contact Us

If you are interested in taking on new challenges and developing your skills, please send your information to: rekrutacja@cogit.pl. We are looking for people with experience as well as post-graduates who want to gain new qualifications.

Our values

Reliability and confidence

We measure our strength by our intentions, we do not promise something that cannot be delivered. We continuously improve the quality of our services. We test new solutions and improve existing ones. In accordance with the principle of “Standing still is moving backwards”, we are constantly improving our products and competences. Hundreds of hours of training, thousands of customer consultations and constant contact with partners – all to ensure that the solutions offered to our customers and employees are business-efficient. We focus only on reliable solutions – we are fully aware that an IT system is only of value when implemented well and used effectively.

Experience and focus on continuous development

What our clients value most is the quality of our services and the business efficiency of our solutions. We have many years of experience, which we use in our daily work. Our consultants are perceived by clients as a team of trusted specialists. We are happy to share our knowledge with colleagues, helping them to develop their competences. Employee development is particularly important to us. That is why we train and support each other every step of the way, because after all, we are all playing to the same goal.

Transparency and mutual respect

The greatest value of our company are our employees and co-workers. The impressive length of service of our consultants confirms that they are comfortable with us. We are founded on the premise that there are no stupid questions – it is better to ask than to err. We learn from each other and work together for the success of many projects. Partnerships within the team, honesty and openness to different points of view have made us a company where you not only want to gain experience, but also to stay and work.


We always keep our word. Over the years, we have developed rules that apply to everyone, regardless of seniority or position. It’s all about making us feel good about each other – after all, we spend a lot of time together.

That is how we work

Our Cogit day-to-day is the time we spend in our modern office in the centre of Warsaw, but also more and more often in our home office or on client projects. We are fully flexible, because we have learned that it is the end result and the completion of the task that counts. We have worked out proven forms of contact, we share the progress of work in teams and discuss all problems on an ongoing basis. With good work organisation, nothing is impossible.

In order to be better able to respond to the needs of our clients, we are constantly improving our competences. We regularly take part in external training courses, as well as organising them ourselves for our employees. On the other hand, we often appear as experts at industry events and conferences. We give interviews and commentaries. We publish industry articles and report on our achievements. We are constantly in contact with our customers, providing them with added value in the form of regularly organised webinars on topics of particular interest, such as how to use our solutions based on concrete examples, new functionalities in the systems, etc.

After hours

Work is not everything! Although we successfully separate our professional and private lives on a daily basis, we do like to get together and have a good time from time to time. During team-building trips, events and company outings, we put integration and fun first. This is a great opportunity for us to spend time together in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, have a meal together and talk about things that are not necessarily work-related. After all, a harmonious team is an effective team!