MAR Reporting



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MAR Reporting

Reporting in the capital market is subject to strict regulations by the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on criminal sanctions for market abuse (Market Abuse Directive – MAD) and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation – MAR). The enforcement of MAR has resulted in stringent regulations for businesses regarding price-sensitive information and the necessity to maintain lists of individuals who have access to such information. Regulations aim to ensure completeness and correctness in procedures related to:

  • Preventing the use of confidential information (insider dealing);
  • Disclosing data;
  • Prohibiting the unlawful disclosure of confidential information;
  • Creating and updating lists of individuals with access to confidential information;
  • Notifying transactions made by persons with managerial duties and persons closely associated with them.

Our solutions support businesses in the secure, easy, and reliable fulfillment of regulatory obligations. We implement organizational and technical solutions for reporting, integrate MAR reporting with other reporting systems, and automate procedures for reporting confidential information. All data is stored on certified servers compliant with ISO 27001.

Key features of our system:

  • Automatic registration of changes to the list;
  • Servers with high-level security and ISO certification;
  • Automatic audit trail;
  • Electronic confirmation of familiarity with requirements regarding confidential information possession;
  • The tool provides search and export options for reports.

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