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Business consulting

There are many sources of success in the implementation of Performance Management solutions, but what is particularly important, apart from excellent cooperation with the client, mutual understanding and trust, is the experience in implementing similar projects and the deep knowledge of experts in practically every area that Performance Management covers, i.e. strategy execution control, financial and operational planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation. The value of Performance Management lies in the ability to use its capabilities. We know what the individual processes carried out by Performance Management in a company should look like, as well as how and which tools to select for the implementation of each of these processes. We offer business consulting to our clients including:

  • support in the definition of expectations, requirements and in the selection of controlling and Business Intelligence solutions,
  • consultation of processes implemented by controlling systems,
  • optimisation and shaping of controlling processes,
  • cost calculation and allocation methods,
  • support in the selection of appropriate measures and indicators,
  • reporting and analysis (BI),
  • budgeting process,
  • planning process,
  • financial consolidation process,
  • metadata management and data quality assurance,
  • investor supervision of the implementation of third-party solutions,
  • systems audit.

Cogit’s credibility in business consulting is strengthened by the fact that we are a fully independent IT solutions integrator. This allows us to freely select IT technologies and solutions to achieve maximum value for the client.