Third Party Management



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Third Party Management

Third Party Management encompasses all activities aimed at improving knowledge and better managing relationships with business partners. With the support of appropriate tools, it is possible to fully automate the process of verifying contractors. All of this is to avoid potential financial problems with relatively little effort, assess risks associated with starting and continuing cooperation, and compare partners based on various criteria.

Our systems supporting risk reporting related to third-party management (Third Party Reporting) enable:

  • Completing information about business partners and analyzing all business partners in one place
  • Analysis of potential risks based on their level
  • Comparing the level of risk between business partners, tracking the history of the decision-making process in one digital location
  • Using questionnaires that clearly ask questions about business partners
  • Comparing business partners with sanction lists and other external sources of information
  • Creating reports on the verification of business partners with a single click

Third Party Reporting

Analysis of all business partners in one place

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