Performance Management (Infor d/EPM)

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Performance Management (Infor d/EPM)

Performance Management is the main area addressed within the Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) system. It is a proven application in many organisations worldwide and in Poland. The system in its earlier versions (available as MPC and then Infor PM) has been successfully implemented for 20 years in Poland.

Infor d/EPM uses an analytical platform with in-memory (in-memory processing) technology that provides instant data consolidation and immediate feedback to users. Real-time insight into business and financial plans, forecasts combined with advanced contextual analytics allows for better performance management, risk management and influences the accuracy of decisions across the organisation.

Main modules of the solution:

  • Planning and budgeting
    Full planning, budgeting, forecasting and predictive capabilities in one solution. Predictive modelling, operational planning, sub-plans – HR budgets, sales plans,…
  • Strategy management
    Helps to visualise and plan the company’s strategy – linking the company’s strategic objectives to operational plans and deliverables. Tactical and operational plans, execution of plans, performance measures, performance tracking.
  • Financial consolidation
    One of the leading solutions for financial and management consolidation. It perfectly supports the processes of entering, collecting and reporting both management and mandatory financial data. d/EPM allows the automatic generation of eliminations, the balancing of intercompany reconciliations, the posting of unbalanced reconciliations to special positions. The system generates free reports of adjustments, reconciliations and comparisons for all types of adjustments (both manually entered and automatically generated).

The solution is available on the Infor BI platform, providing full analytical functionality, both functional and sector-dedicated.

Infor d/EPM - financial consolidation               Infor d/EPM – Financial planning and budgeting
  Infor d/EPM – example of a consolidation screen                    Infor d/EPM – Financial planning and budgeting

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